Is salsa Vegan?
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Is Salsa Vegan? A Staple Snack in a Growing Movement

Now, more than ever, it’s important what we put in our bodies. Every year, it seems, society becomes more aware of the impact food has on our bodies, for better or worse. We are even more cognizant of the food we eat once we consider the consequences it has on the environment. That’s why there has been such a growth in the number of people choosing to live vegan lifestyles over the last several years.

As more people adapt to this lifestyle, they will have occasion to wonder, is salsa vegan?

first, How many vegans are there?

The number of vegans in the Untied States fluctuates depending on who reports it. According to Food Revolution Network, the percent of people identifying as vegan grew by 600 percent from 2014 to 2017. Other outlets report a much lower number, sitting at about two to three percent of the population.

Still, there are at least a couple million people eating plant-based diets. They do it for good reason, too. Whether it’s for their health, the environment, animal welfare, or otherwise, the statistics back up being vegan.

Veg World Magazine reports that vegan diets are linked to a 35 percent reduced risk of prostate cancer. That’s in addition to a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes and a longer life span.

Vegan Salsa

So, is salsa vegan?

Salsa is made of vegetables and spices that fit neatly into a vegan diet. There’s no need to question whether tomatoes or peppers have been doing any funny business with the animal kingdom. And forget about the onions and spices, you’ve got nothing to worry about!

As far as we’re concerned at Don Aramburu, salsa should be a staple of the vegan movement. Because, getting down to brass tax, there’s no better way to consume veggies than through our fresh blended salsas.

With that said, stick with the classics and avoid our Tomatillo Verde if honey is something that doesn’t jive with you. Also, our Serrano Dip contains animal byproducts. If you have any questions on what goes into our salsa, simply click on the product images on our ordering page for more details.

if You've come this far...

Committing to be vegan is a major decision that requires a lot of dedication. You even made it a step farther by making it to our Is Salsa Vegan blog, and we thank you for that. Now, let’s bring it home.

If you’re vegan, you obviously care about your health. With that in mind, it’s imperative to leave those store-bought salsas on the shelf and order an ultra-fresh, eye-popping-with-color, and healthy salsa. We leave the preservatives in the lab where they belong, and you should too.

There’s no longer any need to eat the Tostitos and Pace’s of the world. You have a better option in Don Aramburu, and frankly, you owe it to yourself. We don’t have to explain taking pride in food to a vegan, though. At Don Aramburu, there’s really no need to scour over the list of ingredients. We make whole salsas free of any chemicals, that don’t belong in your body.

vegan snacks

100% Fresh & Homegrown

Is salsa vegan? Yes. Is fresh salsa healthy? Yes. Is our salsa delicious and homegrown? Yes! Don Aramburu is a family business devoid of corporate partners and private jets. When you order some of our salsa, you are keeping your money right here in the community.

Is there anything more satisfying than buying fresh vegan salsa from a local family-run company? We sure are hard pressed to think of anything.

For all our non-vegan amigos who have made it this far: Rest easy. The next time a friend drops in and isn’t munching on that queso, pop open a jar of Don Aramburu salsa. They’ll appreciate the offer and you won’t have to worry about having something on hand, we always have your back.

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