Is salsa healthy?
Samantha Aramburu

Samantha Aramburu

Part-time salsa taste tester, full-time Don Aramburu content manger.

Is Salsa Healthy? Add Salsa to Your 2021 Resolutions


Salsa is Healthy

“I love salsa, but I’m trying to eat healthier! Is salsa healthy?” 

Does this sound familiar?  

If you made a resolution for 2021 to eat healthier, you’re not alone. According to the Pew Research Center, 51% of resolution-makers include eating healthier on their lists each year. Being selective about the foods we eat can, in fact, lead to greater happiness. In fact, eating traditionally healthy foods, like vegetables, fruits, and whole grains has proved effective in treating depression. 

Eat Good, Feel Good

Denkins University Associate Professor Felice Jacka led a study that linked certain types of food with greater mental health and happiness. “Whole (unprocessed) diets higher in plant foods, healthy forms of protein and fats are consistently associated with better mental health outcomes,” she writes

Obviously, eating healthier is a great goal! But, as with many habit changes, this is easier said than done. Luckily, salsa can help with your healthy eating goals this year. Turns out, salsa is (usually) a healthy choice! 

Store-Bought vs Delivered Fresh

Most store-bought salsas are made up of a combination of tomatoes, peppers, spices, and lots of preservatives. This is what allows them to stay good on your pantry shelves or in your fridge for months at a time. This has some benefits, but not always for your health.

There is some evidence that certain types of preservatives are bad for you. Conversely, there is a lot of evidence that eating fresh fruits and vegetables provides you with nutrients that you can’t get anywhere else. 

Is fresh salsa healthy? Yes! Salsa is made up of fresh vegetables, flavorful spices, and almost nothing else. It’s one of the easiest, healthiest ways to spice up snack time or your favorite dish. Mood-boosting vegetables, like tomatoes, tomatillos, or peppers, will combine to help you achieve your 2021 health goals.

How does salsa fit into my lifestyle?

Traditionally, salsa is eaten with corn tortilla chips. While seriously tasty, you may be trying to avoid complex carbohydrates or processed foods in your health journey this year. Even if you choose to pass on the chips, salsa can still spice up a healthy lifestyle. Don Aramburu salsa can be a great addition to: 

  • Eggs – we especially recommend the Tomatillo Verde
  • Fresh veggie tray – try dipping your celery, carrots or bell peppers in our creamy Serrano Dip or El Clasico
  • Cheese crisps – trying to eat low-carb or Keto? Cheese crisps are a delicious alternative to chips, and amazing with salsa. 
  • Plain oatmeal – try adding Guajillo for a surprising combination is a great way to have a hearty-healthy, savory breakfast . 
  • Baked sweet potatoes – trust us. You really can’t go wrong with this combo, especially with Mama’s Guac.  

Salsa is healthy and can fit into any lifestyle, including low-carb, Keto, vegan, gluten free, vegetarian, low-fat, or a simple commitment to whole, healthy foods. Salsa is keto-friendly! Salsa is gluten-free! Is salsa healthy? In short, yes, absolutely.

Don Aramburu: Freshness, Inc.

At Don Aramburu, we only use the highest-quality, freshest ingredients. We make every jar of salsa the day of delivery, so you know that your box will be filled with only the best, most healthy salsa possible. Fresh food does go bad faster, so make sure to refer to our Freshness Manifesto for information about how to make it last longer. 

Order today to continue your New Year’s Resolutions! Already struggling with your goals? Don’t worry – we know you can do it. And if not, there’s always room in your order for chips.

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