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Samantha Aramburu

Part-time salsa taste tester, full-time Don Aramburu content manger.

Introducing: The Creamy Serrano Dip


Introducing: The Creamy Serrano Dip!

This December, we’re upping the ante. Not only will we be delivering our usual (and delicious) chips, guac and salsa, but we’re also adding to the lineup. 

Creamy Serrano Dip is technically our seasonal flavor for December, but this dip is seriously so good that we’re considering keeping it a part of our collection moving forward. This will all be based on your response – we’ll keep it if you like it! After all, sour cream isn’t necessarily seasonal (it tastes this good year round.) 

In this dip, serrano peppers are making another appearance! You may not realize it, but at this point, you’re intimately familiar with these peppers. They add spice to our Tomatillo Verde salsa, as well as Pumpkin Spicy and Extravacranza. With another appearance, they are blended into the dip to give it just the right amount of kick.

Liven Up Your Homebound Holiday

This holiday season might be harder than usual. The pandemic is still raging. Because of this, we’re not just home for the holidays; we’re stuck at home for the holidays. It’s forced solitary times like these that call for more snacks – A LOT more snacks. 

Therefore, chips and salsa delivery just keeps getting more and more critical.

Fresh, Inc.

The Creamy Serrano Dip is Don Aramburu approved, which basically means it’s fresher than fresh, with no preservatives or nasty stuff included. Keep it in your fridge so you can love it for longer. 

Watch out for the Freshness Manifesto in your next delivery. We want to be clear on just how fresh we mean by fresh – like, seriously, our fresh salsa couldn’t be fresher.

Salsa Gift Baskets, Anyone?

The Creamy Serrano Dip will also be a part of our salsa gift baskets and bundles that are available now on our site! Order today for your friends, family members, and neighbors. It’s a deliciously different gift that anyone would love. 

The salsa gift baskets and Creamy Serrano Dip are so dipping good. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.  

Order the Creamy Serrano Dip (and your other favorite flavors, of course) today!

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Chips and salsa delivery has never been better. Order your Don Aramburu salsa today.

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