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How Long Does Fresh Salsa Last?


Fresh means fresh. Period. 

When we say that our salsa is fresh, we mean same-day made, well-sourced ingredients, straight to your door, fresher than fresh. 

We don’t use preservatives. We don’t use chemicals. We don’t mess with what Mother Nature has given us. We dice, chop, blend and bottle real food, which means it has an expiration date. 

A question we often get is “how long does fresh salsa last?” 

Whether you’re enjoying your Don Aramburu salsa order or making your own homemade salsa, check out the tips below to see how long you have to enjoy your favorite snack. 

How long does fresh salsa last?

Guac: Three days is the best time period for maximum guac enjoyment. Fresh avocados start to go brown almost immediately after cutting into them. However, there are certain ingredients you can add to your guacamole to make it last longer in your fridge. 

Adding a little bit of lime to your guac will help to preserve its flavor for longer. For other ways to preserve the freshness, try the following tips: 

  • Cover the remaining guac with tight plastic wrap before closing the lid (make sure it’s airtight) 
  • Squeeze lime or lemon juice over the remaining guac before refrigerating
  • Place an avocado pit in the guac before refrigerating

Salsa: Salsa lasts a bit longer than guac – you usually have 5 to 7 days to finish off this spicy goodness (depending on the recipe). Be sure to refrigerate what you don’t finish right away, as that will help keep your salsa good longer. Truly fresh salsa wasn’t built to last in a pantry. 

Any salsa that you can store in a pantry isn’t technically fresh. You can get away with not refrigerating it because of the included chemicals and preservatives. 

Looking for ways to preserve your salsa longer than 5 to 7 days? Check out these tips:

  • Put salsa in an airtight container or ziplock bag and freeze it*
  • If salsa is cooked and canned, salsa will last much longer than 7 days
  • Add lemon or vinegar to recipe to extend shelf life

*Freezing your salsa can change the consistency. We don’t recommend this if you’re using it for a stand alone dip. It’s best for adding to recipes.

How can you tell your salsa has gone bad? 

Salsa that’s no longer good to eat can be identified right away by its smell or change in consistency. Obviously, mold and other visual signs are also huge red flags.  

In guac, you can tell when it’s gone bad when it turns a grayish-brown color even when mixed. If your guac is gray-brown on top, you can scrape that off to expose a bright green, still-good guac.

What about hot sauce? 

Hot sauce is different from salsa in that the two main ingredients are chiles and vinegar. Vinegar acts as a natural preservative to keep hot sauce good for longer periods of time. 

Salsa often calls for vinegar, but not nearly as much as your average hot sauce. This is why hot sauce can keep for months, even years, in your fridge.

Can dip go bad?

Dip is a different ball game. In Don Aramburu Serrano Dip, we add products such as mayo and sour cream that are made with some natural preservatives. This means that you can enjoy our dip a little longer than your average salsa. 

We still would recommend the time frame of 7 to 9 days for peak freshness. This same rule would apply to homemade dips if they include similar ingredients.

Good news, there’s always more. 

Whether you’re making your own homemade salsa or ordering from our site, you can always get more of your favorite snack. It’s not worth the risk of eating salsa that’s gone bad when it’s so easy to order more! 

The answer to our much-asked, “how long does fresh salsa last” question is: it depends on the ingredients. USUALLY it’s about 5 to 7 days if you store your salsa properly in the fridge. Here’s our guide:

Guac: 3 days

Salsa: 5 to 7 days

Hot Sauce: years

If reading this post gets you in the mood for some fresh salsa, know that Don Aramburu delivers fresh flavors straight to your door! Order now for tonight’s delivery.

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