Our Salsa

Welcome to the salsa train, amigo! Don Aramburu features four staple salsas and a smattering of seasonal varieties. Each salsa is handmade with local ingredients and is delivered fresh to your door

"This has been the only thing on my mind since it was delivered. It exceeded all expectations. I'm in love. ​"

Candice D.

Meet the Team

We’re Taylor and Sam Aramburu, a married couple deeply in love … with salsa. Yes, we’re a couple of gringos making traditional Mexican food, and we do everything we can to pay tribute to the culture that has inspired us so deeply.

In the Beginning...

Don Aramburu Salsa Co. was launched September 2020, after a summer full of tomatoes and quarantine. We got tired of keeping all the delicious food we were making to ourselves and decided it was time to spread the love. 

So far, so spicy

Life is good on the salsa train! We’ve connected with hundreds of people throughout Utah who love our salsa as much as we do, and we can’t for you to be a part of it.

Our Feed

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