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Samantha Aramburu

Full time salsa taste tester, part time Don Aramburu content manger.

Don Aramburu Salsa, A Life Sketch

Are you seriously about to read a blog post about salsa? I mean… good on ya. 

Hey. We’re so, so glad you’re here. 

Don Aramburu Salsa Co. is a labor of love, with special emphasis on the labor. We’re a husband and wife team located in Salt Lake City, and we’ve always loved to cook together. Correction: husband (Taylor) loves to cook, and wife (Sam) loves to eat. Our dynamic is what it is, and we’re finding ways to work productively with it. 

Gringos? Gringos.

Right off the bat, let’s say hi the elephant in the room. Namely, we’re a couple of gringos starting a salsa business. We know, somewhat, how that looks. We could tell you a million things – Taylor lived in Mexico, Sam grew up gardening, we both speak Spanish? Not good enough. 

The truth is, we know that we’re borrowing from a culture that always has been and always will be fine without us appropriating Americans. We hope that we can do this culinary experience proud and always acknowledge and pay respect to our friends across the border and their ancestral traditions. We will continue to educate ourselves and learn from the experiences of those around us. We honestly love Mexico, the people we’ve met there, and things they have taught us. 

More than just salsa.

Part of our goal is to always share the love. We are passionate about a few specific issues facing society today, and a part of our salsa profits will always go towards paving the way for a better tomorrow. These include: 

  • Anti-racism work  
  • Support for low-income families in our communities
  • Equalization of educational opportunities for children in our state 
  • Resources for those hardest hit by life, in general 

We have a chance here, people! A chance to make the world a tiny bit better, even if it through something as small as a salsa delivery business. 

About the salsa…

All of our ingredients are locally produced, freshly made in our kitchens, and organic as often as possible. We want this to be good for you, good for the environment, and good for our community, so we just went ahead and made that happen. 

Our recipes are our own, perfected through years of trial and error at our house. We’ve made some truly terrible salsas since we’ve started this hobby, which is actually a really good thing. There’s a reason we’re turning this into a business now, not two years ago. We’re confident we’ve worked through the hiccups and our salsa will always be some of the best you’ve ever tasted. 

Our prices are higher than, let’s say, some tomato paste with canned chiles that you could get at the grocery store. Which is usually the quality of salsa you can find there. This is for a few reasons: 

  • We only use the highest quality ingredients, usually from local farmer’s markets or other quality sources. 
  • Our packaging is environmentally friendly and recyclable (more on that later) 
  • Delivery, delivery, delivery. Don’t want to get in your car and come to us? Good thing, you actually can’t. We’ll bring it right to your door. 
  • Oh, did we say our prices are high? No, we said they were “higher”. Once you taste the salsa, you’ll understand why we charge a bit more than that grocery store paste, we promise. 
  • Prices still too high? Well, we guess you can go back to putting ketchup on your mom’s ground beef tacos now. But that comes with its own cost…

Save the world one jar at a time.

We did mention that our packaging materials are recyclable, right? Yeah. You’ll want to take note of that. When you get your first order, be sure to empty, wash, and hold onto your jar. Give it back to our delivery driver for your next order to get a discount. And then empty, wash, and hold onto that jar… you see where we’re going with this, right? Eternal discounts. Eternal salsa. Eternal recycling. Go, Earth! 

Follow us on social at @DonAramburu for updates, seasonal flavor alerts, and happy news that will make living on this earth at this time seem a little more worth it. You’ve got this. 

Your life probably needs some flavor. We get it. Life has been tough lately, for all of us. Let us take care of that – in fact, we can deliver it right to your door. 

First Order? Here’s a discount.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Oh, you’re just ready to order? Sweet. Head on over to our ordering page and use our discount code, SALSATIME, for 15% off your first order.

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