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A Healthy Alternative to Crumbl Cookies

Over the past three years, cookie storefronts and cookie delivery businesses have swept the nation. The word cookie has practically become synonymous with Crumbl. You can picture it now: that familiar rectangular pink box filled with an assortment of fresh-baked gooey cookies.

Crumbl cookies made it easy to grab a party treat when you’re running late. Or, to show appreciation to your neighbors for taking your mail in while you were away. Their cookie delivery option brought indulgence to your fingertips with a stroke of convenience.

There have even been a number of copycat brands all following the same pattern. These brands are trying to capitalize on the furor for quick, fresh, easy-to-eat treats. Whether it’s more cookies, cinnamon rolls, mini pies, or cupcakes, they all have something in common: they’re not good for you.

A not so happy gift

What if your well-intentioned gift of baked goods is doing more harm than good? Have you found yourself on the receiving end of a high-caloric delivery not of your choosing that intends to blow up all the smart choices you’ve been making?

Enter chips and salsa delivery from Don Aramburu. We offer the same benefit of online order and cookie delivery as Crumbl cookies, just without the sugar coma and bloat that accompanies it.

cookie delivery

We’re no crumbl haters…

We love cookies as much as anyone else. But, in 2021, we are choosing to send fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and foods into the community, whether it’s to top our own omelet or our amigo’s.

Trade in that flimsy pink Crumbl cardboard box for our sleek colorful bottles of salsa that each sport a vibrant design sure to strike a chord as you open the box delivered right to your doorstep. Or hey, maybe you need those colorful bottles to offer our salsa as an olive branch of peace to someone – we understand things can get spicy.

Switching from baked goods to salsa has never been a better idea. A single Crumbl sugar cookie weighs in at a whopping 600 calories and 72 grams of sugar!

That’s about the same as drinking an entire 20 oz. bottle of Mtn. Dew. By contrast, an entire bottle of our Mama’s Guac is a fraction of that, and made with whole foods.

Is salsa vegan

Salsa Health Benefits

As our own Samantha Aramburu said, “there is a lot of evidence that eating fresh fruits and vegetables provides you with nutrients that you can’t get anywhere else.

Another perk of eating Don Aramburu salsa over other store-bought brands is the freshness guarantee.

Samantha went on to say, “There is some evidence that certain types of preservatives are bad for you. … Is fresh salsa healthy? Yes! Salsa is made up of fresh vegetables, flavorful spices, and almost nothing else.”

We make every batch of salsa fresh and with an extra dose of love, to ensure that you will never need to worry about how long it has been sitting on a shelf.

So, when you’re gearing up for your next meeting at work, put everyone at ease by ordering Don Aramburu chips and salsa delivery over Crumbl Cookies or from other cookie delivery businesses. Not only is salsa healthy and universally loved, the spices will invigorate your office’s creative efficiency. Exponentially more than even any caffeinated beverage could ever hope. The ideas and productivity that follow will be as spicy as our El Clasico.

Buy local and give new meaning to the word indulgence with our specialty salsas. We perfected the recipes in our own kitchen, where food just tastes better.


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