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Samantha Aramburu

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180 Tacos Shouldn’t Be As Good As They Are

Good When It Shouldn’t Be

There are a few things in life that shouldn’t be good together but absolutely are. The logic-defying peanut butter and jelly. The controversial pineapple on pizza. Watermelon and salt, french fries and Frosties, bacon and maple doughnuts. 

180 Tacos takes this trope to a new level and succeeds smashingly. I mean, c’mon. Korean BBQ tacos? Chimichurri mac and cheese? It doesn’t sound right, and yet it tastes so good. Before we continue our Taco Tour of Utah, check out last week’s Santo Taco stop if you haven’t already and ESPECIALLY if you’re looking for great tacos in Salt Lake City. 

180 Tacos for the Win 

180 Tacos resides on University Avenue in Provo and has long been a popular spot for locals and college students alike. They opened up about 7 years ago and have been thriving since.

As we all know, COVID-19 hit the restaurant industry particularly hard, but 180 Tacos has weathered the storm. Masks are now required in the restaurant, but dine-in remains open. 

We found a few minutes to try 180 Tacos on a delivery trip down to Provo.  We Googled “best taco places in Provo” and it was one of the first that came up, so we knew that we had to give it a try. And… wow. 

So, here we go. Taco Tuesday, Don Aramburu style, featuring 180 Tacos.

180 Taocs - Best Tacos in Provo

Our Five Favorite Things about 180 Tacos

  1. A tie between the Korean BBQ and Buffalo Chicken Tacos – I mean, what can we really say here. I’m a sucker for bulgogi and T. loves his spice, so we couldn’t come to an agreement on which was “better” so I’m listing them both. 
  2. The Oaxaca Pumpkin Pork Taco – Second on the list, but not really in our hearts. We have to give somebody second place, right? It’s amazing and seasonal, so go before it’s gone. This is another unoriginal take on pumpkin. This is seamless. 
  3. Chimichurri Mac and Cheese – I will be honest, I don’t know what Chimichurri is. But if it’s all like this – complete with noodles and cheese and crunchy wontons – then I am here for it. I will eat Chimichurri till I die. 
  4. Baja Fish Tacos – It saddens me to rank the food on this particular post, and I want to stop, but for the sake of structure I have to soldier on. This fish taco made me feel like I was on the southern shores of Mexico, basking in my own fresh-caught meal. Pure joy. 
  5. Tatertots – My mom used to make frozen tater tots every Friday night and I hated them. I only wish she could have tried these and reformed her ways. Fry sauce? Buffalo sauce? Cotija cheese? I mean, what visionary mind came up with this and how can I pick their brain?

Anything We’d Change? 

As a Salt Lake City dweller myself, I would do anything to have a location closer to us. Provo is a long drive for tacos, and while I understand the family restaurant vibe, I would literally sign a petition and rally for 180 Tacos to open up a location closer to Don Aramburu HQ (Salt Lake City). 

Other than that, there is nothing I would ever want them to change. I want them to stay open forever and conquer any public health crisis or economic downturn that we may experience. I want them to cater every event I ever go to. Dear God, let this happen.

Let’s Keep This Going! 

Follow along for more honest reviews of local taco finds, Mexican eats, and salsa favorites. Ideas of where we should go next? Comment below. Let’s tour Utah Mexican food together. 

And when you’re not in a restaurant but are still craving some flavor, order your Don Aramburu salsa today.

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