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Don Aramburu Salsa Co. is a labor of love, with special emphasis on the labor. We’re a husband and wife team located in Salt Lake City, and we’ve always loved to cook together. Correction: husband (Taylor) loves to cook, and wife (Sam) loves to eat. Our dynamic is what it is, and we’re finding ways to work productively with it. 


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Tomatillo Verde

Green, but definitely not mean. This crisply sweet salsa features a mix of tomatillos, serrano chiles, and tantito honey. You’ll love it with chips, and again tomorrow on your eggs. 

Tomatillo Verde

El Classico

Mama's Guac


Serrano Dip

Pineapple Habanero

An upgrade on the classic salsa roja. Fresh tomatoes paired with chipotle chiles help other classic ingredients sparkle in this medium-heat medley. 

A staple on the Aramburu table. This mix of fresh avocados and regional spices will never leave you hanging. Also, no tomatoes. Tomato-free guac is a hill we’re willing to die on. 


A mild red salsa made with the classic chile guajillo, a classic both in Mexico and north of the border. This earthy flavor may catch you by surprise and make you wish you had ordered three more (don’t say we didn’t warn you.) 

A creamy (and dreamy) serrano pepper and cilantro dip with just the right amount of kick. This dip is a great finish to any taco, veggie, or especially, any chip.

Pineapple Habanero

Smooth and spicy (but mostly sweet), this fresh salsa has the tropical notes we’ve been craving during the winter months. Pineapple, habanero and a distinct spice blend makes April’s speciality flavor a memorable one.

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